About The Paper - Special Services

The Antelope Valley Press Retail Advertising Department offers a variety of special services to assist its advertisers.

Looking for a new approach to your advertising? Searching for more effective ways to market your products or services? Through creative marketing, our professionals are ready to help you develop an ad campaign. Your Valley Press account executive will make certain that you get the most for your advertising dollar.

Does your advertising need a new look? Our Ad Operations Department is here to creatively assist in the implementation of your ad campaign. Your account executive will provide innovative, stimulating spec ads at no charge.

Are you spending too much on "Yellow Pages" advertising? One of our specially-trained sales staff can help you save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on your "Yellow Pages" advertising. Our staff will discuss with you how passive phone directory advertising differs from creative newspaper advertising, and we will design your directory ad free after our consultation.

Other services provided free of charge to our advertisers are photography for ads, free pick-up and delivery of ad materials and tearsheets.


Co-op advertising in the Antelope Valley Press is a valuable resource for retailers, manufacturers and distributors. Everyone wins with co-op.

Advertisers are subsidized for their newspaper advertising, and suppliers have their logos and products featured in ads.

The Retail Advertising Department can help you optimize your available co-op dollars by identifying all manufacturers offering co-op for the products you carry. We'll determine the exact amount of funds available to you and provide co-op billing, blank claim forms and tearsheets at no charge.

Call your account executive to help you create an advertising strategy that makes the best use of your co-op funds.


Post-it notes
When people need a reminder, they write themselves a note. This is your chance to "write a note" to our readers-your customers.

Post-It Notes are a great way to advertise special sales or limited time offers or just to make sure your message is displayed in a prominent position. Affixed to the front page of the newspaper, a Post-It Note ad will be the first thing everyone reads. And this versatile format allows your ad to be removed and placed in other handy locations. What better way to remind your customers who and where you are?

Call your account executive today to find out more information.

Phone: 661.273.2700

Our Retail Director can be reached at 661.940.5361

Revised July 22, 2016