About the Paper - How to submit information for our daily History feature


Explorers, farmers, bankers, test pilots and future movie stars make up the Antelope Valley's past, which is recounted in a daily History story.

The History articles have included biographies of John Wayne and Judy Garland, who boh lived part of their childhoods, under different names, in early 20th Century Lancaster.

First-person accounts of the Antelope Valley come from explorer John C. Fremont and missioner Francisco Garces, as well as from the lost 49ers who escaped from Death Valley through what is now know as Soledad Canyon.

Other historic tales include the stories of citizen posses that tracked down the gunman who shot down an early Lancaster constable and robbers who held up the town bank.

The articles are researched from Valley Press files, local historians' accounts published over the last four decades, and from government and university archives and other soucres.

If you have an idea you would like to see included in the History Feature send an e-mail to: newsassistant@avpress.com