About the Paper - Weather


Whether it's going to be cloudy, rainy or bright sunshine, the Antelope Vallley Press presents forecasts and weather statistics. AccuWeather, the nation's leading private provider of weather forecasting, produces a custom forecast every day, presented in a full-color map on the back of the Sports section.

Besides daily temperature predictions for Antelope Valley communities, the page also presents temperature forecasts for dozens of California cities and for a selection of cities elsewhere across the United States and around the world. Also on the page are daily almanac listings with temperature records, precipitation and wind speeds for Lancaster and Palmdale, plus forecasts for commuters, beachgoers and Sierra vacationers. The page also provides air quality index and sunrise and moonrise times.

Accompanying the weather map is a daily story abut local history: biographies of Antelope Valley pioneers, tales of posses chasing killers and bank robbers, stories on train wrecks and plane crashes, explanations of how Valley landmarks got their names, accounts of Valley industries like aerospace and alfalfa ranching started.

Revised January 1, 2009