About the Paper - Showcase Magazine


A weekly entertainment magazine

How do you define entertainment?

We call it anything and everything that's fun: the people, the players, the places, the parties, the concerts, the movies and the videos.

You get it all Showcase, covering the world of entertainment from the desert to the beach.

Every Friday, Showcase answers the five W's of life after hours: who's hot; what to do; where to go; when it's happening and why it's good or not so good.

Showcase magazine has the answers to the weekend: stage plays, movies, celebrities, videos, restaurants, outdoor recreation, art exhibits, home entertainment, calendars of events and attractions, night life, books and authors, and, of course, music,from rock, pop and jazz to country and classical.

If you're looking for diversions beyond the Antelope Valley, Showcase highlights Las Vegas and Laughlin attractions, weekend getaways, amusement parks and what's going on in Los Angeles.

Revised May, 2015