About the Paper - Parade Magazine


Parade, the most exciting and widely circulated national Sunday magazine supplement, runs every Sunday at no extra cost in the Antelope Valley Press.

Parade's editors and writers pride themselves on landing the interviews and stories that end up being the talk of the day, whether it is on "The Today Show" in the morning or "Entertainment Tonight" in the evening.

But the magazine aspires beyond celebrity coverage, ushering in tough topics such as the crisis in America's roads and bridges, the "World's Ten Worst Dictators" and "What People Earn," annual editions, each in their own right ranking as some of the most widely read magazine journalism in America. Fitness, health, personal finance, raw IQ trivia knowledge testing, mealtime solutions and the best celebrity dish help to round the weekly offering of the most widely read magazine in the United States.

Marilyn vos Savant, who has scored the highest IQ ever recorded (228), answers America's toughest questions with mental agility and ease every week in her "Ask Marilyn" column.

James Brady, the magazine's Emmy Award winner for celebrity reporting, takes the 70-million plus readers inside Hollywood with penetrating interviews and his "In Step With" column, joined by "Walter Scott's Personality Parade," ranked as the most widely read column in the English language provided by veteran entertainment journalist Ed Klein under his pen name.