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The Antelope Valley Press values your opinions, and is the marketplace for opinions and ideas.

Our Opinion pages provide our readers with thought-provoking and diverse opinions and analysis on local, state, national and world issues.

Some of our most popular and provocative commentary comes from our readers who speak out in the Letters from Readers section on every issue of public interest. The Valley Press devotes a significant amount of space to readers' letters to give you a voice.

We publish about 3,000 letters from readers each year.

National syndicated and local columnists featured on our pages include:


Bill O'Reilly
O'Reilly is host of the Fox News show, "The O'Reilly Factor."


Cal Thomas
Thomas is an award-winning syndicated columnist, distributed by the Los Angeles Times Syndicate.

Edward Mooney
Mooney is a local author and teacher at Quartz Hill High School.


Maria Elena Salinas
Salinas is anchor of "Noticiero Unvision."

Jeff Jacoby
Jacoby is a columnist for the Boston Globe.

Morton Kondracke
Kondracke is executive editor of Roll Call, the newspaper of Capitol Hill.


Kathleen Parker
Parker is a columnist for the Orlando Sentinel.

Dan Walters
Walters covers Sacramento for McClatchy News Service.

Daniel Weintraub
Weintraub is a writer for the Sacramento Bee.


Ann Coulter
Coulter is a conservative political analyst, attorney and popular talk-show pundit.


Larry Elder
Elder is a syndicated radio talk-show host and author.

Joe Galloway
Galloway is the senior military correspondent for Knight Ridder.


Janice Hall
Hall has been a professor emerita of English at Antelope Valley College for 30 years.

John Hall
Hall is a professor emeritus of English at Antelope Valley College, a former reporter and a former-Marine.

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