About the Paper - Local News is top priority


Local news is No. 1 at the Antelope Valley Press. No other news organization has anywhere near the resources of the Valley Press to cover local news. Most of the more than 40 people employed in the Valley Press News Department are devoted exclusively to covering the Antelope Valley.

Starting on the Front Page, the top stories of the day are in, for and about the Antelope Valley: news that's proximate to the Antelope Valley, things happening at home and things happening elsewhere that will have an effect on the Antelope Valley.

Moving inside, Page 2 offers a quick-read roundup of law enforcement and fire protection activity, as well as other local stories of general interest.

On Page 3 we offer an additional full page of information about the Antelope Valley. More local news rounds out the rest of the front section.

Local means "community," too, and we cover our communities and the people in them, whether it's your grandson making the honor roll or your daughter enlisting in the Army. Sunday's In the Saddle column offers event information and news of interest to equestrians.

Do you have a high school reunion coming up? Check Tuesday's reunions column for information about your class. Also in the Tuesday news pages are the senior citizen's menus and news items. Reports of activities on our local school campuses come on Thursdays.

That's local news: timely information that's relevant to readers right now; significant happenings that will affect the lives of some or all readers; entertaining and enlightening stories about individuals and the human condition; people whose work or activity influences the course of events.

It's all in the Antelope Valley Press.