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The Valley Press publishes a full page of comics daily, plus a full-color comics section each Sunday for paid subscribers. In addition, there are panels and strips scattered throughout the paper every day.

Comics, their artists, the syndicates which distribute their work and e-mail addresses or Web sites where they show their work (where available) are:

Arlo and Janis
by Jimmy Johnson, NEA. Classic Comics
Daily in the Classified section; no Sunday.

Beetle Bailey
by Mort Walker, King Features, www.beetlebailey.comClassic Comics
Daily in the Classified section and Sunday.

by Dean Young and John Marshall, United Media, www.blondie.com.
Daily and Sunday.

Classic Peanuts
by Charles Schultz, United Media, www.snoopy.com.
Daily and Sunday.

by Jeff Corriveau, King Features, www.deflocked.com.
Daily and Sunday.

For Better or for Worse
by Lynn Johnston, United Media, www.fbofw.com.
Daily and Sunday.

by Bill Amend, Universal Press Syndicate.
Sunday only.

Frank and Ernest
by Bob Thaves, Classic Comics, www.frankandearnest.com, BobThaves@aol.com.
Daily in the Classified section; no Sunday.

by Jef Mallett, United Media, www.comics.com, jetmallett@yahoo.com.
Daily and Sunday.

Fred Basset
by Alex Graham, Associated Newspapers Ltd.
Daily; no Sunday.

by Jim Davis, Universal Press Syndicate, www.garfield.com.
Daily and Sunday.

Get Fuzzy
by Darby Conley, United Media, www.comics.com .
Daily comics; no Sunday.

Hagar the Horrible
by Chris Browne, King Features.
Daily and Sunday.

by Jim Unger, Classic Comics in the Classified section.
No Sunday.

Hi and Lois
by Brian and Greg Walker and Chris Browne, King Features
Daily and Sunday.

Jump Start
by Robb Armstrong, King Features.
Daily and Sunday.

by Greg Evans, United Media, www.luannsroom.com.
Daily and Sunday.

by Brad Anderson, United Media.
Sunday only.

by Tom Armstrong, King Features.
Daily and Sunday.

Mother Goose and Grimm
by Mike Peters, King Features, www.grimmy.com.
Daily and Sunday.

Pearls Before Swine
by Stephan Pastis, United Media.
Daily and Sunday.

by Brian Crane, Washington Post Writers Group.
Daily and Sunday.

Real Life Adventures
by Gary Wise and Lance Aldrich, Universal Press Syndicate.
Daily; no Sunday.

Rose is Rose
by Pat Brady, United Media, www.roseisrose.com
Daily and Sunday.

Sally Forth
by Francesco Marciuliano, by Craig Macintosh, King Features.
Sunday only.

by Tom Wilson and Tom Wilson II, Universal Press Syndicate.
Daily and Sunday.

by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman, King Features.
Daily and Sunday.

Opinion page cartoons:

by Bruce Tinsley, King Features.

Moderately Confused
by Jeff Stahler, NEA

Business page cartoons:

by Scott Adams, United Media, www.dilbert.com, scottadams@aol.com.
Daily business and Sunday comics.

Artists on the Web
Artists sell their work to newspapers through syndicates some of which have World Wide Web home pages on which the artists' work, additional information about the artists, and e-mail links may appear.

King Features Syndicate home page
United Feature Syndicate
Universal Press Syndicate home page
United Media home page
Washington Post Writers Group

Advertisers will be interested in the availability of spadea folds and gate folds as a way of carrying their message to readers of the popular Sunday comics pages. Four-color advertising is available on the front page of the color comics each Sunday.

Contact the Retail Advertising Department at (661) 273-2700 for details about advertising in the Sunday Comics.