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The Antelope Valley Press' expanded Business section puts a local spin on the world view. The focus is local, but the view is worldwide all week for Business section readers.

The Valley Press Business section covers the rapidly growing Antelope Valley business community in all its aspects, from new products and services to economic trends.

Business tells you who's who, who's where, and what's up in the Antelope Valley business community. Meet your customers, your future customers and your competition in this section.

Readers get a quick look at transactions, meetings and trends, along with market movements and precious metals at a glance.

On Sundays, it's the "Your Money" section, including a spotlight on the weekly Valley Success business, investment advice from the Motley Fool, and stock market analysis and advice for those in the high-tech industry.

On Monday, The Business Section caters to aerospace and technology.

Special business features throughout the week include:

  • The news line column offers snapshots of global happenings.

  • Dale Dauten's Corporate Curmudgeon column provides a tongue-in-cheek look at the world of big business.

  • The Color of Money column, by Michelle Singletary, publishes Tuesdays and Fridays with advice on personal finance.

  • Money and Markets provides daily stock market financial and business news.

  • Two full pages daily and Sunday show changes in thousands of stocks and mutual funds.

  • "Valley Success" and "Business Profile" features offer a more detailed look at which businesses are making it and why, as well as which businesses are new to the AV.

  • And, for laughs from the cubicles of American businesses, the extremely popular Dilbert comic strip.

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Revised January 1, 2009