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Now that the frantic preparation, excitement and joy of the Christmas and holiday season are behind us, Antelope Valley residents are preparing for a new year of opportunities and exciting adventures. For many people, of course, this means answering the siren call of beckoning horizons. It’s travel time!

For the confirmed travel bugs among us, this time of year seems to have a decided effect. It’s a time of year when luggage is taken out of storage and dusted off; backpacks and hiking boots are dug out of the closet shadows; map books and hotel guides begin to proliferate all over the house; and colorful display travel ads to far-off places and unusual destinations lay scattered about. It’s time to plan vacations and travel itineraries.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve devoted this January 2015 issue of LIFESTYLE magazine to the wonderful world of travel and all the exciting adventures traveling offers. To some, the call of cruise ships and exotic foreign ports will cause their hearts to pound and their blood to stir, while others can’t wait to answer the call of the open road on America’s highways and quiet country byways.

This month’s issue of LIFESTYLE features stories about adventures south of the border. Editor Dennis Anderson, in “Exploring Mayan jungles and ruins,” talks with Valley resident and adventurer Rick Bryant about the trip he and traveling companion Gary Cothran took to Bonampak, an ancient Maya archaeological site in the Mexican state of Chiapas, whose “staggeringly beautiful” murals have been preserved for all to see. The pair also visited the ruins of Palenque, a Maya city that flourished in the seventh century and displays some of the civilization’s greatest architecture, sculpture, and bas-relief carvings of the epoch.

Chichén Itzá, the site of the ruins of an ancient Mayan city in northern Yucatán, Mexico, is the subject of a story by Jonathan Varela, who visited the historical location with his wife, and staff photojournalist, Ruby Varela. Its stone monuments and stepped pyramids “are among the undisputed masterpieces of Mesoamerican architecture because of the beauty of their proportions, the refinement of their construction and the splendour of their sculpted decorations,” states UNESCO, which declared it a World Heritage Site.

But not everything in this January 2015 issue of LIFESTYLE magazine involves travel and traveling. There are many other interesting and informative articles as well, such as local historian Norma Gurba’s exploration of the life of pioneer Palmdale lawman Benjamin Franklin “Frank” Dowler, who apprehended criminals but was also a poultry businessman, election board member, Harold School and Palmdale School trustee/clerk, orchardist, fence contractor, bill collector, and process server.

And reporter Julie Drake, in “Future leader of the Few and the Proud” with accompanying photographs by staff photographer Christina Ramos, profiles Shadow Hills Intermediate School eighth-grader William Daniels, who is a Young Marine and president of his school’s site council, plays the violin and is certified in the Community Emergency Response Team, or CERT, program.

In addition, all our regular columns are also featured, including Horse Tales, Collector’s Corner, Arts, A Taste for Wine, Hometown History, and Kovel’s Antique Forum.

LIFESTYLE is a great way to begin your new year. We hope you’ll join us.


Cherie Bryant
Antelope Valley Press
Vice President & General Manager


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