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Now that June is over, along with all the frantic preparation and activities such as proms, graduations and weddings, summer is here, and many people are thinking about and planning their long-awaited summer vacations. People are beginning to look for the camping gear they stored in the garage last fall; they're checking out maps, national parks, and fun places to go and determining how to get there and where to stay when they arrive; they're dusting off their bicycles, sports gear, backpacks, fly rods and tackle boxes and, in most homes, a sense of excitement and anticipation permeates the air.

Therefore, in this July issue of LIFESTYLE, we examine the many fun pursuits and activities of the summer, including visits to the rougher side of California and exploring the natural beauty of the Golden State. One such destination is the Channel Islands Santa Cruz, San Miguel, Santa Rosa and Anacapa islands, plus tiny volcanic Santa Barbara Island 50 miles to the southeast, which are often called the "North American Galapagos" because they are home to more than 150 endemic or unique species. In "Scaling the walls of Yosemite," rock climbing at Yosemite's iconic rock formations that tower over the valley floor is another spot that is examined as a place for awe-inspiring adventures.

And Lassen Volcanic National Park, a little off the beaten path in the northeastern part of California, is still worth a visit, park officials say. In fact, this year and next, the park is celebrating the centennial of a series eruptions that set in motion the process of creating the park in August 1916.

In addition, the John Muir Trail, named after the influential naturalist and conservationist and founder of the Sierra Club who is considered by many to be the father of the national parks, is disussed in "Spectacular scenery in 'JMT country.'"

But there's much more in this July issue of LIFESTYLE, much more. There's a variety of other interesting and informative articles, including a story by historian and LIFESTYLE contributor Norma Gurba, "Pioneer Lancaster merchant Paul Bachert," that explores the doings of an early businessman and pioneer merchant who at one point sold wares from the best downtown business location in Lancaster.

And reporter Andrew Shackley, again with photos by Siddle, profiles Janet Briggs, a self-taught contemporary artist whose mixed media work is currently on display in a show called "The Color of Happy" at the Palmdale Playhouse. In addition, look for our other regular features such as Hometown History, Horse Tales, A Taste for Wine, and Kovel's Antique Forum, and more.

For a great way to begin your summer season, please join us!

Cherie Bryant
Antelope Valley Press
Vice President & General Manager


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